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Leisure and Fun in 'Genova'


Your experience of Genoa with its culture and language is our top priority. We will guide you through the city, show you Genoa and be your personal guide. We will take you to some of the most beautiful palaces, the quaint little hidden alleys, museums, squares, churches and festivals. We will invite you to dinners, aperitivo's and city trips. This way you will get acquainted with beautiful Genoa, the people and fellow students from all over the world, that share your love for the Italian language and Italy.


students of the school having aperetivo on sail boat

During the week the school organises several social activities. We organise trips to neighbouring villages, wine tastings, canoeing, cooking classes, city walks, boat trips to surrounding villages (Portofino, Cinque Terre, Camogli), hiking in nature, a visit to the biggest European aquarium or just a nice trip to the local beach to get work on your tan and swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Scuola Tricolore organises each year regular activities, some for free others offered at a small fee. Below you will find an overview of all activities as well as some additional information.

What? Aperitivo - Happy Hour
Program description:  Once a week students and teachers meet for an Italian 'aperitivo'. A great way to get acquainted with the other students.
Included:  -   Weekly Italian Aperitivo in Genoa
Requirements:  At least 5 participants and no maximum. 
Price:  You pay for your own drink.

What? Guided tour of Genoa - Welcome Tour
Program description:  A guided tour of the historic city centre of Genova, the largest medieval city centre in Europe.  
Included:  Guide.  city walk 'centro storico Genova organised by the school 
Requirements:  At least 3 and maximum 20 participants. 
Price:  Free

What? Guided tour of I Palazzi dei Rolli
Program description:  It opens the doors to some of the most lavish residences built by the wealthiest and most powerful aristocratic families of Genoa. 
Included:  Guide and museum tickets.   Tour of the manny remarkable and fascinating churches of Genoa
Requirements:  At least 1 and maximum 20 participants. 
Price:  €15,- per person. 

What? Guided tour of the monumental cemetery of Staglieno
Program description:  Tour the cemetery of Staglieno, famous for its monumental tombs and extraordinary sculptures. Covering more than a square kilometre, it is one of the largest cemeteries in Europe. 
Included:  Guide.   Cemetery Staglieno Genoa
Requirements:  At least 5 and maximum 20 participants. 
Price:  €5,- per person.

What? Group conversation course
Program description:  A chance to talk about the most interesting current issues. For 1 hour with the help of a teacher you will have the opportunity to practice your Italian language in various contexts (from level B1).  
Included:  Tuitoring material.  special Italian conversation classes for daily life situations
Requirements:  At least 1 and maximum 10 participants. 
Price:  €15,- per person

What? Seminars - documentaries
Program description:  Regular seminars and documentaries on various subjects, like Italian music, Genoese singers, Italian food, the mafia, etc.  
Included:  Documentation.   Seminar on Italian Politics, Genovese singers, the mafia
Requirements:  At least 3 and maximum 10 participants. Not suitable for absolute beginners (from level A2 up). 
Price:  Free

What? Italian movies
Program description:  Once a fortnight we show famous old and new Italian movies. 
Included:  -   Italian movies show at school
Requirements:  At least 3 and maximum 10 participants. 
Price:  Free

What? Crash Course – The Subjunctive
Program description:  Two group classes (two hours each) for one week, focused on the subjunctive.
Included:  Material.    Specialised group course use of subjective
Requirements:  At least 1 and maximum 10 participants. From level B1. 
Price:  €60,- per person

What? Cooking course and dinner
Program description:  A 3 hour cooking course at a professional school to learn how to make pesto, walnut sauce in a mortar, fresh pasta, lasagne, stuffed vegetables and many more Italian and Ligurian dishes.The evening finishes with dinner altogether including an aperitivo with wine.
Included:  Ingredients, documentation, cook and cooking facilities, certificate of attendance.  cooking course and lessons organised in Genoa, Liguria
Requirements:  At least 2 and maximum 10 participants. 
Price:  €40,- per person.

What? Wine tasting
Program description:  Taste 4 different wines and learn about wine aromas and colors. Do you know how to serve wine and how to look after it? Learn all this and much more in a wonderful location. 
Included:  Wines, documentation, explanation, accompanying snacks.   Wine tasting in Genoa, Liguria
Requirements:  At least 2 and maximum 10 participants. 
Price:  €20,-per person.

What? Coffee tasting
Program description:  One hour course that will teach you how to distinguish the different coffee flavours, their history and their origin. 
Included:  Documentation and coffees.  coffee tasting in Genoa 
Requirements:  At least 2 and maximum 10 participants. 
Price:  €15,-per person. 

What? Cheese and wine tasting
Program description:  Learn the secrets of several different cheeses together with two types of wine. 
Included:  Documentation, cheeses and wines.  special Pesto 6 Focaccia cooking course in Genoa 
Requirements:  At least 2 and maximum 10 participants. 
Price:  €20,-per person.

What? Chocolate and candy tasting
Program description:  We’ll unveil the production secrets of Romanengo, regarded as one of Europe’s finest confectioners since the XIX century. The friendly staff will take you behind the scenes of one of the oldest workshops in Europe and let you taste candied fruits, “Rosolio” drops, chocolate, fondants, dragées and much more. 
Included:  Guide, chocolate and candies.  chocolate and candy tasting Genoa 
Requirements:  At least 1 and maximum 10 participants. 
Price:  €20,-per person.

What? Merenda Genovese – Tea-time in Genoa
Program description:  Learn how to make canestrelli, typical Genoese cookies, and Genoese focaccia and taste them with your classmates over a good cup of coffee or tea. 
Included:  Ingredients, coffee or tea, cook and cooking facilities.   Merenda Genovese
Requirements:  At least 2 and maximum 10 participants. 
Price:  €30,- per person. 

What? Macramé Course
Program description:  Learn the ancient art of the Genoese sailors creating a bracelet with knots and tangles. 
Included:  Material and tutor.   Macrame course - typical for Genova
Requirements:  At least 2 and maximum 10 participants. 
Price:  €20,- per person

What? Canoeing
Program description:  Canoeing in Nervi after school on Friday afternoon after classes.  
Included:  Rental canoe, teacher.  canoeing in Genoa - afterclass activity 
Requirements:  At least 5 participants. 
Price:  €15,- per person 

What? Sailing trip
Program description:  A half-day's sailing the Italian Riviera. Departing on Saturday or Sunday from the old port of Genova, have fun and learn something about sailing. 
Included:  Skipper.  students sailing the riviera 
Requirements:  At least 1 and maximum 8 participants. 
Price:  € 45,- per person

What? Hiking
Program description:  Trek the Ligurian Alps with experienced guides. Each Sunday a different place. 
Included:  Means of transport (bus, car or train), insurance and guide.  Portovenere from Palmaria 
Requirements:  At least 1 and maximum 20 participants. Hiking shoes. 
Price:  From €15 to €40 per person, depending on the trip. 

When a particular activity is full we will close the list. Canoeing and to a lesser degree the sailing trips will depend on weather conditions. If conditions aren't suitable they will be cancelled and the school will refund the fees.

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Come to Genoa and study Italian with us!

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