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What we mean by personalised italian courses & continuous fun!


Scuola Tricolore knows how difficult learning a new language can be, especially from an adult point of view.That's why we believe that the method of teaching and studying must adapt to different needs, situations and learning styles. Therefore, we have developed a new system or teaching method which combines the traditional communicative method with a new learning tool, called Edutainment, i.e. Education and Entertainment. We believe that learning should never be boring, but, on the contrary, interactive, joyful and fun! In other words: a real pleasure!

beach at San Fruttoso near Genova in Liguria
Our vast database of didactical material completely produced by our qualified teachers has been designed to fulfil these values. You will see that learning a language will be easy and a fun.

Furthermore, we believe that each person has different interests and that's why we offer personalised individual classes, based on topics chosen by you, such as Business Italian, Italian Literature, Art, History, Law, Medicine, and many more. The studying environment should always comply with these requirements and that's why Centro Studi Italiani/ Scuola Tricolore wants to become your family to support you with every need and desires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We feel committed to give you the possibility to get to know Genoa, your fellow students, and to offer you plenty of opportunities to relax, mingle, eat, laugh and fully experience Italy.

Thus, we regularly organise wine tastings, sailing weekends, excursions, short cooking classes and much more.

You will see that this will be an unforgettable experience.

This is what we mean by personalised language courses and continuous fun.

Speriamo di incontrarti presto!

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Come to Genoa and study Italian with us!

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